Modelling platforms: facilities specialized in developing models to support projects run by AnaEE. They streamline model development by providing the necessary hardware and software, as well as the access to expertise, datasets and modelling libraries.

AnaEE will offer access to two types of modelling platforms. Both are used to exploit mathematical models to test and develop our understanding of the complex quantitative relationships between processes within ecosystems, the interactions with their environments, and their functioning and behaviour under various pressures.

1) Model factories which are nationally supported software platforms with advanced and well-established facilities providing users access to general and extensible modelling resources. A modelling factory has a clear modelling development strategy with dedicated personnel and is well-recognized within the scientific community, gathering both model developers and a large group of users.

2) Modelling solution platforms which are implemented as self-contained software solutions that model specific aspects of ecosystem function and are centred on a well-established and supported model development team with a strong community of users.

The AnaEE call for interest received 9 submissions from modelling platforms (4 model factories and 5 modelling solution platforms).