The AnaEE central Hub will be housed on the Gif-sur-Yvette campus near Paris. This is a 64 ha CNRS campus with 9 life sciences laboratories and 1 300 employees. Two offices (more when needed) will be dedicated to AnaEE in a reception centre (building 31) particularly suitable for the organisation of meetings, formations or symposium. (photo©m.tixier-boichard).

The AnaEE central Hub on the Gif-sur-Yvette campus of CNRS (9 life sciences laboratories, 1 300 employees, 64 ha) will be housed in the building N° 31, one of the CNRS Gif welcome/reception complex. This building benefits from a service of 23/24 hours-controlled access. The building N° 31 is particularly suitable for the organisation of meetings, formations or symposium. On the ground level, several meeting rooms are available from 15 to 30 places all equipped with visio projection, one computer and one printer and two informatic rooms equipped with 10 computers. Two specific offices will be dedicated to AnaEE central hub, one for the Director General and one for 2 to 3 additional persons. With the increase of participating countries, two additional offices will be dedicated to AnaEE on request. In the same building, more than 30 single and double rooms are available for short stays. Wifi is available everywhere. At the Chateau, 100 meters nearby the N°31 building, Prestige and standard bedrooms, dining room, collective kitchen, as well as a French typical salon of 50 persons (seated) or 100 persons (standing) with possible cooking service will be available when needed. The RER B train station of Gif sur Yvette is 40 mn away from the Paris downtown station Notre Dame.

Photos: Above: N°31 building where the AnaEE facilities will be located. - 1. Campus conference hall near the AnaEE buildin. - 2. Entrance hall in the AnaEE building. - 3. Available dining room (for visitors only) in the Chateau. - 4. One of the two Prestige bedrooms available for visitors in the Chateau. - 5. Facilities in Prestige room in the Chateau. - 6-7. Collective kichen for standard rooms in the Chateau. - 9. Prestige bedrooms.10. AnaEE bedrooms. - 11-12. AnaEE bedroom and bathroom.

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