UK participation in the AnaEE Implementation Phase, Swindon, October 2017

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has signed the AnaEE Letter of Intent to enable UK participation for the AnaEE Implementation Phase. BBSRC working is in consultation with relevant UK stakeholders to ensure coordination at the national level. Picture: Gas exchange measurements at the North Wyke Farm Platform (photo © Rothamsted Research).

The UK has been involved in AnaEE since its early developments 2007. Most recently BBSRC and Rothamsted Research were key partners leading development of the legal framework and data/IP policy during AnaEE’s Preparatory Phase.

Over the years BBSRC has led a series of internal and external consultations to help considerations around the development of a UK National Node for AnaEE. The latest round of consultation is currently taking place with the relevant UK scientific community, funders and institutes which will help inform future work relating to AnaEE.