A fuller description of AnaEE from a stakeholder perspective can be found in our stakeholder handbook.


AnaEE will provide efficient, organized access to complementary competencies within the scientific community analysing the impact of global changes on ecosystems and assessing mitigation and adaptation responses. This can include the ability to perform experimental verification of hypotheses and test technologies and policies aimed at mitigating unwanted effects – vital in impact assessment and mitigation.

Additionally, AnaEE aims to achieve greater networking between science, policy makers and industries, sharing knowledge of impacts and dependencies of economic activities on ecosystem services.

One of the main aims of AnaEE is to generate validated data and knowledge that may inform policy decisions related to the environment, land-use and ecosystem services. Through that process, it will develop new tools and technologies packaged in the form of products and services for a variety of end-users from scientists to policy makers. Novel instruments, tools and methods are needed as part of the upcoming AnaEE construction phase and will be a source of new business opportunities for EU industry actors. New technology based on AnaEE will allow EU industry to develop new products, expand current markets and consequently create jobs and socio-economic benefits for society at wide.

AnaEE plans to put in place a single point of contact, dealing with patents, licenses, startups and contract research to facilitate technology transfer activities with EU industry actors and promote public-private dialogue and partnerships.

As the AnaEE Preparatory Phase has only recently started, details of these technology transfer activities are not yet available. However, successful innovations are made of many ingredients, of which the dialogue between inventors and markets is possibly the most critical and the most elusive. Therefore, we invite all innovators to follow our progress and get involved in the AnaEE preparation and construction phase.


For more information, please contact Margaux Dillon, Communications and Lobbying Officer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..