AnaEE offers access to experimental platforms on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems across Europe.

Analytical and modelling platforms as well as acquired data are also made available.

  • Michel Boër, AnaEE first Director General, June 2019

    Michel Boer, AnaEE first Director General_June 2019

    The 5th AnaEE Assembly of Members appointed Michel Boër as the first Director General of AnaEE. Michel Boër is director of research at CNRS, France, in the field of astrophysics. He has directed many projects, including the Haute Provence Observatory with its Oak Observatory platform (Quercus pubescens forest). (photo©j.roy).

  • AnaEE 5th Assembly of Members, June 2019

    AnaEE 5th Assembly of Members, June 2019

    Held in Copenhagen, this assembly gathered representatives of Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Israel and Italy. Items discussed were the procedure for the submission of the AnaEE-ERIC status (step 2), the development of the Service Centres and the November Platforms Conference (photo©j.roy).

  • ENVRI-FAIR: a H2020 project on data management, June 2019

    ENVRI-FAIR: a H2020 project on data management, June 2019

    In the frame of ENVRI-Fair (2019-2022), a meeting gathering the RIs of the ecosystem domain (AnaEE, Lifewatch, eLTER, ICOS and DANUBIUS) was organised in Lecce to share developments and build interoperability. Workflows and assets for the production of FAIR data were identified and a data service prototype will be implemented in EOSC.

  • AnaEE participation in ENVRI, June 2019

    AnaEE participation in ENVRI, June 2019

    AnaEE participated to the last ENVRI week in Helsinki in March and to the ENVRIPlus dissemination day in Brussels on June 4th. During the following ENVRI Board, the 27 participating Research Infrastructures agreed on the necessity to continue their collaboration and are signing a Letter of Intent to create a sustainable form of cooperation. (photo©j.roy).

  • Finland joins AnaEE, February 2019

    Finland joins AnaEE_February 2019

    In Helsinki, AnaEE were presented to Finnish platforms managers, as well as to representatives of Ministries and Institutes. On February the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture signed the Letter of Intent for Finland to participate in the implementation phase towards the set-up of AnaEE as an ERIC. Taneli Kolström, from LUKE, is the Finnish contact point. (photo©j.roy).

  • AnaEE third Assembly of Members, in Roma, December 2018

    Assembly of Members in Roma, December 2018

    The Italian Ministry of Agriculture announced the official participation of Italy to the Implementation Phase of AnaEE during our 3rd Assembly of Members hosted by the Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura (CREA) in Rome. On the meeting agenda, among other points, were the future ERIC legal status of AnaEE as well as the presentation of the Italian AnaEE team coordinated by M. Donatelli, CREA and F. Miglietta, CNR. (photo©e. cariou-pham).


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