AnaEE offers access to experimental platforms on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems across Europe.

Analytical and modelling platforms as well as acquired data are also made available.

  • AnaEE hires a Program Manager

    Under the direct supervision of the Director General (DG), the Program Manager (PM) will participate in the implementation phase of AnaEE and contribute to the technical implementation of the hub, the centres, and the link with the national platforms. She/he will assist the DG in the implementation of the project coordination.
    AnaEE is the European Research Infrastructure for experimentation in ecology. This succesful applicant will be hired by the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Centre).

    All information on this position (French and English) at

  • COVID-19 - why multidisciplinary environmental research matters

    COVID-19 - why multidisciplinary environmental research matters

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak certainly is the most pressing issue our society is facing at the moment. We should redirect all our efforts on combating the spread of the disease, the treatment of already infected patients, and on the research scrambling to understand the disease better and to find a cure or vaccine against it.

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  • Diversity of ecosystems will help to prevent the spread of new pandemics

    Dear Professor Jan Hrusak*,
    *Chairperson of ESFRI

    Please, below you will find some elements in response to your letter of 23 March, 2020.

    AnaEE performs experimentations on continental ecosystems (i.e. manipulation) with aims to understand how they react and evolve under the anthropic pressures, either the climate change (and its consequences at regional level, such as the precipitation regime), the pollution or management practices. AnaEE experimental facilities are distributed all over Europe, from the Mediterranean to the sub-arctic regions, including the overseas (tropical). They include terrestrial ecosystems, but also lake and rivers, and are of different types, from open-air to enclosed ecosystems. In addition, the behaviour and future of ecosystems can be understood and simulated thanks to our modelling facilities.

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  • Covid-19 epidemic: a message from the President and Director General of AnaEE

    Dear Colleagues,

    The Covid-19 crisis forces many of us to work from home; those who are (not yet) confined have often many familial and professional duties with the closure of schools and universities. We want to address to all of you all our wishes of good health, and lot of courage in this difficult period.

    At this time there is no information from ESFRI about a possible delay for the evaluation of AnaEE; we will suppose that there will be no delay to the deadline in June 2020, and if there is one, it will be used to refine our application.

    Besides being a public health problem, the crisis induced by the SARS-COV-2 (the Corona virus) demonstrates the need to live in a world that is more robust and resilient.The conservation of biodiversity, the adaptation of the ecosystems to the changing conditions are part of the avenues to mitigate and attenuate the consequences of the anthropic changes, and of the different crisis that are in front of us.

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  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science

    International Day of Women and Girls in Science | United Nations

    The women in science day is an annual event. AnaEE is committed to favour the engagement of women in science, and to help the young women to start scientific careers. See more information on the United Nations website.

  • 7th Assembly of Members in Paris

    7th Assembly of Members in Paris, January 6-7th, 2020

    The Assembly of Members (AoM) of the AnaEE, its main decision body, took place in Paris, Sorbonne University. On Monday, January 6th, the French node was presented. It features 6 enclosed facilities with full control of the environment), 4 open-air platforms with manipulation of the environment, 14 open-air platforms, and 8 analytical platforms. The AoM itself took place the following day and it was devoted to the preparation of the evaluation by ESFRI to get the "Landmark" status. Several decisions have been made, as a close collaboration with the CIHEAM, an international organisation devoted to applied agronomy in Mediterranean countries, for research in plant health and soils.

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