First meeting of the Belgian National Node of AnaEE

On 23 May 2017, platform owners from the Universities of Antwerp, Hasselt and Liège (Gembloux) and regional and federal authorities (Research Foundation Flanders FWO; Flemish Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation EWI; Service Public de Wallonie SPW; Belgian Science Policy Office BELSPO) installed the Belgian National Node of AnaEE.

AnaEE at the ENVRI+ week in Grenoble May 2017

AnaEE at the ENVRI+ week in Grenoble May 2017
AnaEE recent developments were presented to the ENVRI+ community and AnaEE, now leading the Ecosystems and Biodiversity domain of ENVRI+ chaired a meeting of that domain where the coming activities have been defined, primarily a description of landscape of the domain research infrastructures (photo©envri+).

Phenotyping FACCE Meeting

AnaEE presented at the Phenotyping FACCE meeting, Wageningen October 2016. This workshop presented the state-of-art and opportunities for further cooperation for phenotyping, genotyping and breeding for adaptation to climate change. We visited technical facilities (e.g. drones for field phenotyping, photo © G. Ackermans). The AnaEE presentation included potential synergies with EMPHASIS (plant phenomics RI).

AnaEE 2nd Assembly of Members in Brno April 2017

AnaEE 2nd Assembly of Members in Brno April 2017
The highlight of this Assembly was the feedback of the evaluation of the AnaEE Service Centres proposals by H. Loescher, chair of the international evaluation panel. The progress of the implementation working groups were also reviewed and discussed (photo©czechglobe).

Belgium accelerates the building of future AnaEE experimental platforms, June 2017

After completing the building of the ‘Macrocosms’ Ecotron at the University of Hasselt, the University of Antwerpen is building 3 other platforms. Picture: Infrared image of a test on bare soil to provide different amounts of surface warming within the same Free-Air Temperature Increase (FATI) plot (photo©antwerpen university).

AnaEE at the EGU conference in Vienna April 2017

AnaEE at the EGU conference in Vienna April 2017The program ENVRI+, coordinating the Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures (RIs), hold a booth at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly (14 500 participants). AnaEE was presented at a midday talk and through a revolving slides show (photo©envri+).