AnaEE was conceived from the very start to be complementary with other research infrastructures on continental ecosystems already existing or in the planning stages. Strong collaborations with LIFEWATCH and ICOS, ESFRI Preparatory Phase projects, are envisaged, as well as with LTER Europe, a network of ecosystem site observation. Several meetings were organised in 2009 under the coordination of AnaEE with the objective to:

  • Specify the clear identity and objective of each of these infrastructure projects
  • Avoid any competition and overlaps among projects
  • Identify complementarities and synergies
  • Imagine and propose the elaboration of a federative structure that would allow each project to realise its own objectives, whilst creating interactions and synergies together. 



ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures)

ExpeER (Experimentation of Ecosystem Research): ExpeER forms the building blocks of the AnaEE distributed infrastructure and many ExpeER sites are foreseen to be part of AnaEE. AnaEE is providing ExpeER with the vision and roadmap for the ExpeER integrated experimental infrastructures.

LIFEWATCH: LifeWatch will provide AnaEE with access to construction planning in order to cooperate in creating dedicated “virtual modelling labs” for ExpeER user communities. AnaEE will provide LifeWatch the requirements and use-cases enabling the construction of their “virtual modelling labs”.

ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System): ICOS will provide AnaEE with long term permanent ecosystem recordsof GhG fluxes across Europe. AnaEE will provide ICOS with the necessary long term integrated facilities including manipulative experiments and modelling platforms to analyse and forecast the ecosystem responses to forcing variables at process site‐ level.

ALTER-Net Network of Excellence, this programme aims at analysing interactions at territorial level between ecosystems and human activity. This corresponds to a problem-based approach for identifying acceptable solution for society. AnaEE infrastructure corresponds to a process-based approach for analysis the consequence of manipulation of ecosystems. So it appears essential to establish interfaces and interactions between these two types of approach operating at different scale.

INCREASE: Increase will provide AnaEE with collaboration and access to warming experiments in scrublands, collaboration on infrastructure management and TA provisioning, common workshops and model developments. AnaEE will provide Increase with access to a wider range of ecosystems, common workshops, and collaboration on model development.

ClimMani (Climate Change - Manipulation experiments in terrestrial ecosystems): ClimMani will provide AnaEE with collaboration on database development and potentially data access to data and results from climate change experiments. AnaEE will provide ClimMani with collaboration on database development and access to a wider community of experimental and observational field stations and modelling communities.

Carbo Extreme: Carbo-Extreme will provide AnaEE with data and modelling related to extreme weather events. AnaEE will provide Carbo-Extreme with potential access to a wider community and wider datasets related to extreme weather events.

GHG-Europe: AnaEE will provide complementary means for experimental assessment of the impacts of changes in driving factors on GhG fluxes. Further, AnaEE will develop tools for quality assurance of processes and flows related to GHG budgets, and also complement the sites regarding ecosystems (riparian, wetlands) not included in GHG-Europe.

INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic): INTERACT will provide AnaEE with experience form long term experiments in mainly Arctic and northern field sites. AnaEE will provide INTERACT with the vision and roadmap of AnaEE to integrate the activities in INTERACT.

JPI Climate: AnaEE will provide relevant infrastructures for this programme.

FACCE-JPI (Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change): AnaEE will provide FACCE-JPI with the vision and necessary coordinated infrastructure to perform its strategic research agenda. FACCE-JPI will be a relay for AnaEE at national level and align national programmes across participating Member/Associated States.