A fuller description of AnaEE from a stakeholder perspective can be found in our stakeholder handbook.


AnaEE aims to provide significant benefits to the educational community.

AnaEE is developing an Education and Training Programme which will serve as an educational framework to support public recognition of the importance of ecosystem research. This will be achieved by making appropriate educational tools available to the public at various age, education and interest levels. These tools will be Web-based, multilingual and multiregional to enhance communications of basic ideas and help relate AnaEE generated science to their daily needs and concerns. A network will be established to efficiently distribute these educational tools and gather feedback as to the appropriateness/effectiveness to the approach.

We are also developing activities around Higher Education. We will conduct a survey of existing higher education programs within and around AnaEE infrastructures. Based on this, we will propose new higher education initiatives for the future that AnaEE would like to support.


For more information, please contact Margaux Dillon, Communications and Lobbying Officer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..